2020 Cheng Hsin Taipei Live--HCM Summit


Chairman's Welcome Message

Dr. Jeng Wei Superintendent of Cheng Hsin General Hospital


又到了每年一次的「Cheng Hsin Live」國際會議時間,「Cheng Hsin Live」國際會議秉持以往的精神,每年設定特別的心臟血管疾病主題,來提供專家同道們一個分享討論及學習的平台,也讓專家同道們有維繫友誼及認識彼此的機會。

今年因為新冠疫情的影響,將過去的實體會議改成了網路會議的交流。延續今年6月台北振興醫院舉辦的「Taipei Valve Summit」網路會議模式,本次籌劃了肥厚性心肌症(hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, HCM)以及複雜高危冠狀動脈介入治療(complex and high-risk indicated procedure/patients, CHIP)兩大主題,分別於台北時間12月5日及12月6日舉行。

在心臟介入治療盛行的時代,HCM彷彿是個容易被遺忘的心臟疾病。為了增進對於HCM疾病的認識及治療,這次台北振興醫院主辦的「Cheng Hsin Live」很榮幸地邀請美國梅約診所團隊(Mayo Clinic HCM Center)共同籌劃了一個HCM的專家論壇,同一天也邀請了海峽兩岸的學者作經驗分享,其中包含了北京阜外、西安西京醫院、以及台灣等頂尖心臟團隊。




Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Once again, the annual “Cheng Hsin Live” international conference is almost upon us. This year’s “Cheng Hsin Live” upholds the spirit of the past conferences whereby we set a special theme of cardiovascular disease to provide a unique platform for experience sharing, discussion and learning. Experts and colleagues also have the opportunity to maintain old friendships and develop new relationships.

This year the congress has been switched to virtual meeting due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We sincerely hope all our colleagues around the world are safe and well during this difficult time. The first day’s (Dec. 5) topic will focus on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), and the second day’s (Dec. 6) topic will focus on complex and high-risk indicated procedure/patients (CHIP).

In the era when interventional therapy has become so popular, HCM seems to be a heart disease that has been easily ignored. In order to increase the understanding and treatment of HCM disease, we are honored to invite the Mayo Clinic HCM Center to co-organize an expert forum, and we also have the experts from Beijing Fuwai, Xi'an Xijing Hospital, and other Taiwan’s experts to join our discussion.

The program will cover the topics such as the latest treatment guidelines, imaging diagnosis, prevention of sudden cardiac death, cardiovascular 3D printing, surgery, trans-catheter intervention, and team setup in HCM disease. Through these comprehensive discussions, we wish all participants will receive informative feedback. The CHIP conference on the second day will focus on problematical coronary intervention in high risk patients. Through lectures and live demonstrations from different practitioners, the participants will be able to share wide-ranging experiences.

We are sure that your participation would greatly contribute to a high quality and successful conference. Please save the date in your diaries, and we look forward to seeing you around the world, both in-person and virtually.

Best and warm regards,

Jeng Wei, M.D., M.S.D.
Chairman, “2020 Cheng Hsin Live”
Superintendent, Cheng-Hsin General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan